Lisa Indish

Vocalist, Poet and Reiki Practitioner

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Vocalist, Poet and Reiki Master
Earth Angel of Peace Creator

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The Via Poetica cd was an incredible labor of love and I was extremely blessed to create this cd with  Richard Bone.  He is the absolute genius! 

This video was filmed at Richard's home.  The sound at the end was deliberate to give the effects  for final cut pro the sound of an old album being played.  The couples dancing remind me of the Titanic.  And the two shots of a boy and girl baby are so special to me -- one is of myself and the the other is my beloved, Sean Fuller.  There are many special photographs of loved ones on the "other side" making this, for me, a treasured heirloom.

There is a limited number of copies remaining.  If you’d like to make a purchase, please click my contact link and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can. 





Hello Everyone!

I am super happy to share with you the Earth Angel of Peace Soap Rounds, each handmade with detergent-free Coconut Milk, 100% pure Olive Oil and the healing scents of Lavender, Sage and a hint of Basil.  Each Round is $6.50 with .50 cents per round donated to the food bank of your state.

I am also pleased to share with you the original Earth Angels of Peace Summer short-sleeved tees, priced under $20.00, in sizes ranging from x small to xx large!  Yahoo!  

To order, please visit the Earth Angels of Peace Facebook page here.

 I am in the process of reconstructing this website to make it easier for you to order and to share all the Earth Angels of Peace has to offer.

And remember... together we are making a difference! 

 "Sparkling Peace!"


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